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Access Control & Time Attendance System: Top Solution in Pakistan

Time tracking in your business is messy, leading to inaccurate payroll, productivity issues, and frustration.

Green Tech Solutions offers the most advanced and user-friendly time attendance system specifically designed for your business.

 To provide you with a top-notch access control system we have partnered with competitive brands including Virditech, Hikvision, and Fingertec.

time attendance and access control

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Access Control & Time Attendance System: Features of Our Affiliate Brands

Access Control & Time Attendance System Features of Our Affiliate Brands





Core Technology

Controllers, Face, iris, fingerprint recognition, live fake finger detection, optical sensor, RFID Cards. 

Controllers, vandal-proof access control terminals, access controllers, card readers, and more to come

Controllers, Fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems


Access Control Command and Control Software, Card recognition, stamp scanner, Time & Attendance Software, USB Fingerprint Scanners

DS-K2700X series, DS-K1109series,DS-K1T502 Series, Access controller

Face ID series, TA series, R3 series, Kadex series


Contactless & remote visitor management, access control, thermal systems

AIoT solutions, access control, and services



All industries that need to record employee’s attendance.

Education, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail

Construction, manufacturing, retail

Distinctive Features

Live fake finger detection technology  Optical sensor technology

Professional multi-door control Embedded mobile access technologies such as QR code and Bluetooth All-in-one management of access control, video intercom, and video security

Proprietary fingerprint algorithms Scalable solutions for Large enterprises

As you can see, all three companies offer a variety of biometric security products and services.

However, they have different strengths :

  • Virditech specializes in facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition, while
  •  Hikvision offers a wider range of video and AIoT solutions.
  • Fingertec provides fingerprint readers and facial recognition systems, suitable for manufacturing, and retail.
Who is the Green Tech Time Attendance System For​

Who is the user of GreenTech Time Attendance System?

Are you one of the following?

  • Small business owners: Tired of manual time tracking and inaccurate payroll.
  • HR manager: Frustrated with employee time theft and lack of visibility.
  • Factory owner: Struggling with attendance management across multiple shifts.
  • Retail store manager: Looking for a modern and convenient timekeeping solution.
  • Restaurant owners: Need a system that integrates with their existing payroll software.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Green Tech Solutions is for you!

We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses of all sizes when it comes to employee time management. Our complete access control/time attendance system is tailored to address your specific needs and:

  • Costs cut by time theft removal and payroll accuracy improvement.
  • Increase productivity by delivering live information on employee output.
  • Ease conformity with Pakistani labor legislations and statutes.
  • Enhance user satisfaction by providing them with an employee-friendly system that is also secure.
  • Automate the process of data collection and reporting to save time and effort.

Whether you have 5 employees or 500, Green Tech has a solution for you.

What Sets Our Time Attendance System Services Apart?

  • Stop time-tracking headaches: No more complexity of systems or payments that do not fit. Our solutions are user-friendly and provide you with the correct result.
  • Tailored to your business: Whether you are a restaurant, factory, or shop owner, we have solutions that match needs specific to your industry.
  • No legal worries: Rest assured that your system is compliant with all Pakistani labor laws. We help you avoid the hassle of compliance.
  • One-stop shop: Acquire all that you require- consultation, installation, training, and ongoing support – from one reliable partner.
  • Budget-friendly options: Choose the right system for you and your size, with transparent pricing and no hidden charges.
  • Grow with confidence: Due to the growth of your business, our versatile solutions change to meet your requirements.
  • Make smarter decisions: We provide smart ways to measure your workforce performance and contribute to cost savings.

Still not sure? Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help transform your business with efficient and hassle-free time management.

What Sets Our Time Attendance System Services Apart​

Required Information from Client to Streamline The Access Control Process

We recommend the most suitable time attendance system for your Pakistani business, there are a few critical details that we need to know. It is just like finding the right suit – the more information you provide to us, the better we can customize it to serve your needs!

Here’s what helps us recommend the best system for you

1. Company Profile

  •  Industry: What is your industry, are you a restaurant, retail store, factory, or something else? The knowledge of your industry enables us to suggest features that relate to your particular needs.
  • Number of Employees: How many employees do you supervise? This enables us to propose a system that is capable of effectively managing the size of your workforce.

2. Current Time Tracking Process

  • What system are you on now? Understanding your current problems helps us suggest a system that will eliminate them.
  • What is your current method of employee hours tracking? Manual paper records, excel sheets, or existing software? Knowing your current process enables us to suggest integration potentials.

3. Specific Needs & Concerns

  • What is your largest problem when it comes to time tracking? Accuracy loss, time-wasting, invisibility, or else? Knowing your pain points enables us to suggest features that eliminate them.
  • Is any integration required like HRMS or any other software?
  • What characteristic is the most crucial for you? Biometric authentication, RFID, HID, Face Recognition,  mobile access, payroll integration, or Power Backup are required Your priorities’ details make us propose systems that fit them.
  • How much do you have in terms of budget? Our solutions come at various price levels, thus, knowing your budget allows us to offer the best value for your investment.

Don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with Green Tech Solutions today for a free consultation to learn how our latest access control/ time attendance machine can improve your business.

Stop the time-wasting and start thriving!

Time Attendance System: FAQs

A time access system helps managers record working hours, early departures, late arrivals, break time, and absenteeism.

There are many types of attendance systems such as Finger Impression, RFID, HID, Face Recognition, and more.

The Bottom Line!

Revolutionize your business with Green Tech Solutions’ super easy Access control/ Time Attendance System.

No more fuss with messy time tracking – we’ve got you covered! Partnered with top brands like Virditech, Hikvision, and Fingertec, our system is perfect for small shops to big factories.

Contact us for a free chat, and let’s make your business run smoother.

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