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Restaurant Fire Safety:Your Essential Protection Guide

Commercial kitchens are the heart of any restaurant, but the combination of heat, grease, and fast-paced work makes them fire hazards. 

You should know that 6% of all nonresidential fires reported to relevant departments occur in restaurants.

At GreenTech, we understand your need for specialized, code-compliant fire protection – without disrupting your daily operations. Therefore, we deliver comprehensive fire safety services in Pakistan.

Fires can strike quickly and cause serious damage. Don’t wait for disaster to strike – proactively protect your business, employees, and customers with a strong safety plan.


Contact us today for a free consultation and let's start building a smarter, safer future together.

Why does restaurant fire safety matter A Lot?

It isn’t just about following rules. It’s about protecting the backbone of your business: the people. A well-prepared space can minimize fire risks and, if a fire does happen, help everyone evacuate safely.


Key Steps to Fireproof Your Restaurant

1. Train Your Team

Everyone needs to know the basics:

  • What causes kitchen fires
  • How to use  extinguishers (get hands-on training!)
  • Familiarize yourself with the exits and evacuation procedures to ensure a safe and swift escape

2. Safety Checklist Time

  • Keep cooking areas spotless – grease buildup is fuel for fire
  • Working smoke alarms in the right locations
  • Emergency numbers are posted where everyone can find them
  • Clear escape routes and a designated meeting spot outside

3. Kitchen Fire Safety

3.1 Cooking Equipment

  • Clean cooking surfaces, hoods, and exhaust ducts regularly. The frequency depends on your cooking volume (we can help determine the right schedule).
  • Ensure appliances are well-maintained and serviced according to schedules. Train staff in their proper use and how to shut off gas/electricity in an emergency.
  • Have a certified technician inspect and service for suppression systems at least semi-annually.

3.2 Grease Management

  • Dispose of cooking grease safely in designated containers. Ask where your grease vendor delivers used grease to ensure it’s recycled properly.
  • Never pour grease down drains. It can clog pipes and pose a fire risk.
  • Clean grease traps regularly. Properly cleaned traps reduce fire risk and prevent foul doors.

3.3 Flammable Materials

  • Store flammable liquids (oils, cleaning supplies) away from heat sources in designated cabinets. Ask your chemical vendor for recommendations on appropriate storage solutions.
  • Keep paper products, linens, etc. away from stoves, ovens, and other heat sources. Regularly review storage to ensure nothing flammable is too close to heat.

4. Electrical Safety of Hotel

4.1 Wiring & Outlets

  • Have wiring inspected regularly by a qualified electrician. Schedule this to coincide with other routine maintenance to minimize disruption.
  • Don’t overload outlets and use power strips responsibly. Inspect power strips often. Look for any signs of damage
  • Repair or replace damaged cords and equipment immediately. Don’t use “temporary” fixes.

4.2 Lighting

  • Use appropriate wattage bulbs. Match the bulb wattage to the fixture’s specification.
  • Replace broken or flickering lights promptly. Flickering could indicate an electrical issue needing further investigation.

5. Fire Extinguishers & Alarms for Restaurant

5.1 Extinguishers

  • Have the correct type of extinguishers installed (Class K for kitchen fires). Place them strategically for quick access.
  •  Ensure extinguishers are easily accessible and not blocked by clutter. Inspect placement regularly to ensure visibility and access even as kitchen layouts change.
  • Train staff on the different extinguisher types and their use. Offer practical, hands-on training 
  • Stay compliant: Schedule annual extinguisher inspections with a certified professional.

5.2 Alarms

  • Ensure all smoke and CO detectors are functional. Place detectors according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Test alarms regularly and replace batteries as needed. Set a recurring calendar reminder.

6. Evacuation & Emergency Plans for Restaurant Fire Safety

6.1 Exits

  • Keep exits clear and free of obstructions. Regularly walk exit routes to spot any blockage.
  •  Make sure all exit doors open easily and are well-marked. Regularly test door mechanisms.
  • Ensure emergency lighting is functional over exits. Include this in your standard alarm testing.

6.2 Evacuation Plan

  • Develop a written evacuation plan and train your team. Include a backup plan in case the primary exit route is blocked.
  • Conduct drills regularly with all staff. Practice during different shifts to ensure everyone knows the procedure.
  • Designate a safe meeting point outside the restaurant. Choose a location easily visible from multiple directions.

6.3 Emergency Numbers

  • Post emergency numbers (fire department, ambulance) in a visible location. Include numbers for utility shutoffs (gas, electric) for rapid response if needed.

7. General Housekeeping

  • Clutter Control: Minimize the quantity of combustible substances stored.
    Keep walkways and aisles free from obstacles
  • Trash & Waste: Use designated, sealed containers for disposing of trash and oil rags.
    Try to empty the garbage containers almost every day, better at the close of the working day.
  • Staff Training: Besides, organize  training for employees now and then for all rounds of personnel, including fresh joiners.

Beyond the Basics

  •  Automatic Suppression Shut-offs: Consider systems that detect fire and automatically cut gas or power to appliances, minimizing fuel sources.
  •  Monitored Alarms: Systems connected directly to fire departments can save precious seconds in an emergency.
  • Specialty Suppression: Explore options tailored to specific equipment, like systems designed for deep fryers.

Additional Considerations for Fire Safety of Restaurants

  • Compliance: Review and adhere to local fire codes and regulations.
  •  Documentation: Keep records of all inspections, maintenance, and training.
  • Restaurant-Specific Rules: Your local fire code is the law, but also consider the unique features such as multi-story locations.
  • Fire extinguishers: The correct type for kitchen grease fires (Class K)
  • Fire blankets: Quick smothering for small fires or clothing fires
  • Emergency lights: Essential for safe evacuation if the power fails.
  • Kitchen hood systems: To remove grease and fumes.

How GreenTech Solutions Makes it Easier

  • No more guesswork: We’ll assess your entire restaurant to pinpoint risks.
  • Top-quality fire fighting equipment supplier in Pakistan: fire suppression, Fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and everything you need from a trusted source.
  • Customized plans: We don’t just sell you stuff, we help you develop a safety strategy that fits your reuirements.

We are here to Lessen the burden of fire safety

GreenTech, which has been around in the business of fire protection for years ago, can be your trusted partner to ensure your business safety. Our licensed technicians deliver peace of mind through:

  • Comprehensive Design and Installation: Customer needs-based kitchen fire suppression systems centered on your requirements.
  • Proactive Maintenance and Inspections: Avoid problems and safety complacencies with our fire codes so you can operate worry-free.
  • Rapid Repair and Emergency Response: Along with the issues that may arise, we ensure that our customer care team is available for any issues and to minimize downtime.
  • Complete Fire & Life Safety Solutions: From sprinklers to fire alarms, we’re your comprehensive fire safety needs.

The GreenTech Advantage

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Services: Blend security features like fire sprinklers with CCTV, access control, and other systems.
  • Customizable Protection Plans: As well as we provide the ideal service level to your kitchen, budget and your needs.
  • Advanced Reporting and Insights: Usage of data driven decisions provides freedom to keep on improving safety measures for your facility.

Restaurant Fire Safety: FAQs

Fire protection and life safety is the system of preventive and life-saving measures used for the prevention of fires and the safe evacuation of people in case of a fire emergency.

The fire and safety SOP is a set of precise instructions that list all the steps of fire evacuation, fire reporting, and emergency response.

A fire and safety plan is a document that presents the outline of fire prevention, fire emergency management, safe evacuation, and staff training for fire safety.

Let’s Work Together!

Fire safety is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it has to be scary. We’re here to make the process clear and simple. Think of us as your restaurant fire safety service provider in Pakistan.