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Greentech Solutions: Earthing Lightning Protection Experts

Don’t Compromise on Safety: Unmatched Protection with GreenTech Solutions and Leading Brands

Lightning strikes in Pakistan are no joke. They pose a constant threat to lives, property, and business continuity. At GreenTech Solutions, we understand your concerns and offer steady peace of mind with our A-Z earthing lightning protection solutions.

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Contact Greentech Solutions today and experience the power of complete earthing and lightning protection, supported by leading brands and unwavering expertise.


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Why Choose GreenTech Solutions for Earthing Lightning Protection?

  • A-Z Service Excellence: We take care of all selection, installation, service, and emergency support 24/7. You never have to manage more than one vendor or encounter any surprises.
  • Unmatched Expertise: Our qualified experts will provide the highest standard of training and implement the most advanced solutions in the buildings.
  • Professional Installation: Our expert technicians carefully install your system matching industry best practices and international standards.
  • Regular Maintenance: We provide complete maintenance plans to keep your system running smoothly for the duration of its life, as well.
  • Emergency Response: You can contact us at any time 24/7 for any urgent matters or unexpected needs.
  • Post-Sale Support: We offer continuous support, and you are free to ask any question you have, satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Brand Powerhouse: We cooperate with market leaders such as ABB and DEHN, guaranteeing excellent product quality, unmatched performance, and world appreciation in safety.

Our Trusted Brands for High-Quality Earthing Lightning Protection

Our Trusted Brands for High-Quality Earthing Lightning Protection


ABB Furse


Industry Expertise

The global leader in low-voltage protection

World leader in lightning and surge protection

Product Focus

Primarily air terminals, earth rods, and surge protection

Comprehensive range including conductors, air terminals, earth rods, surge protection devices, and more

Key Technology

Furse Terrex® earth rods, StrikeArresters® ESE air terminals

HVI® conductor system, DEHNbloc® earth rods


Renowned for reliability and innovation, wide range of earth rods, advanced ESE air terminals

Superior current dissipation with HVI® system, modular and adaptable earth rods, comprehensive product portfolio

Ideal for

Projects requiring high-quality earth rods, reliable air terminals, and standard surge protection

Complex projects needing advanced current dissipation, flexible earthing solutions, and diverse protection options

Price Range

Mid-range to high-end

Mid-range to high-end

Testing Labs


Have their testing lab and also provide certification to other brands.


Your Peace of Mind Starts with Earthing Lightning Protection

Lightning strikes are a major danger to lives and property. These can lead to structural failure, electrical fires, and death. Investing in a reliable lightning earthing protection system from Greentech Solutions offers numerous benefits


  • Safety First: Our systems divert lightning strikes harmlessly to the earth, ensuring the safety of occupants and equipment.
  • Minimize Damage: We protect you from electrical surges and fires, making you safe from expensive repairs and downtime.
  • Peace of Mind: The protection of your buildings enables you to concentrate on running the building and taking care of your residents’ welfare.
  • Compliance: Our offerings comply with all applicable safety regulations in Pakistan as well as international norms.

We Serve a Diverse Range of Clients for Earthing Lightning Solution

Our Earthing Lightning Protection services extend to a wide variety of structures, including:

  • Residential homes and apartments
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Industrial facilities and manufacturing plants
  • Power generation plants, grids, and substations
  • Hospitals, airports, and educational institutions
  • Military bases and government buildings
  • Telecom infrastructure and data centers

Requirements from Client for Optimal Solution

To ensure the perfect solution for your specific needs, we gather crucial information such as:

  • Survey / BOQ / Drawing: This helps us evaluate property characteristics and system demands.
  • Soil Test Report: This defines the best earthing system design.
  • Required Ohms: This provides the size and type of earthing conductors required.
  • Lightning Protection Requirements: We offer ESE arresters, Faraday cages, or any other applicable solutions.
  • Certifications: We comply with any specific certification requirements you may require.

Do you want to protect your investments and loved ones from the uncontrollable power of lightning? Greentech Solutions is your only partner in the area of advanced earthing and lightning protection.


Earthing and lightning protection systems channel lightning strikes safely to the ground, protecting structures and occupants.

Attach the grounding device to the copper wire from DUAL-S using the manufacturer’s installation recommendations

Costs vary depending on the project’s complexity. We provide competitive quotes.

Ready to Experience the Best Earthing Lightning Protection?

  • Free Consultation: Discuss your specific needs and get expert advice from our team.
  • Custom-Tailored Solutions: We design a system that perfectly fits your property and budget.
  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy transparency and affordability without compromising on quality.
  • Seamless Installation & Maintenance: Our technicians ensure proper installation and ongoing system health.

Don’t wait for lightning to strike. Contact us to get Earthing Lightning Protection Now!