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Fire Hydrant / Fire Extinguishers Services: Reliable Solutions

Imagine a situation where a fire breaks out and your fire hydrant fails to function. Isn’t it a nightmare? Green Tech provides solution

Our focus is on offering premier solutions that guarantee the safety of your life and property.


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Fire Hydrant System: Trusted Brands We Partner With

At Green Tech Solutions, we value quality and reliability. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading brands like Bristol Fire Engineering, SFFECO, NAFFCO, and FIREX to provide you with the best fire safety solutions.

Features of Our Affiliate Brands

 Bristol Fire EngineeringSFFECONAFFCOFIREX
Based inDubai, UAESaudi ArabiaDubai, UAESharjah, UAE
Year Established1974198319911983
ProductsFire Pumps, Fire Suppression systems, Firefighting Equipment, Fire Rated DoorsFire Extinguishing Systems, Fire Pump Packages with HMI Control Panels, Water Mist Fire Fighting VehiclesFirefighting Equipment, Fire Pumps and Controllers, Fire Protection Systems, Extra Low Voltage Solutions, Passive Fire Protection, Pre-Engineered BuildingsFire Fighting Products, Fire Pumps, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Detection Alarm Systems, Voice Evacuation Systems, Emergency Light Systems, Fire Rated Cables, Fire Doors, Trucks and Vehicles, Foam Systems, Fire Safety Equipment, Smoke Ventilation Products
ServicesTailored Service ExperienceCompact Vehicle Service for fire equipment sales, inspection, and maintenanceTraining Courses, Maintenance Services, Design & ConsultancyDesign, Manufacturing, Installation, and Maintenance Services
Unique FeaturesOver four decades of service experience in the Middle East, tailored service experienceCompact vehicle service, comprehensive fire safety solutions in one packageWide range of offerings including design & consultancy services and training coursesCommitment to innovation and quality, diverse product offerings, comprehensive fire safety solutions

Fire Hydrant Services

  • Fire Hydrant Installation: Leaving your safety to luck is not good. Our specialist staff will effectively install fire hydrants that are compliant with all local and national standards. We employ materials of high quality to guarantee durability and dependability.
  • Inspection: Inspections are needed on an ongoing basis to keep your fire hydrant system ready to work. Checking for visible damages, leaks, valve operations, and pressure tests are parts of our thorough inspection process.
  • Maintenance: We provide scheduled maintenance services to ensure the performance of your fire extinguishers.
  • Testing: We provide fire flow testing to determine the amount of water available for firefighting and to verify the hydrant’s operation.

Our Specialization

We specialize in a variety of fire hydrant and extinguisher systems for

  • Commercial/Industrial Buildings: We provide efficient and reliable fire extinguisher systems that are compliant with safety regulations.
  • Power Generation/Grid Stations: Our solutions are designed for high-risk environments, ensuring quick and effective response to any fire incidents.
  • Hospitals/Hotels/Military Sector: Our fire hydrant systems offer quick-fire suppression without disruption of activities in sensitive places such as hospitals, hotels, and military establishments.
  • Malls: We ensure that our fire hydrant/fire extinguisher systems for malls provide the largest coverage, which, in turn, guarantees the safety of shoppers, staff, and merchandise.

Why are Fire Hydrants / Fire Extinguishers Necessary?

Fire hydrants/Fire Extinguishers are very important for a few simple reasons:

  • Water Source: Fire Hydrants give firefighters quick access to a lot of water. This is super important when trying to put out a fire.
  • Quick Action: Fire extinguishers work quickly to put out small fires, meaning they don’t have a chance to grow.
  • Made for Different Fires: There are types of fire extinguishers that are most effective for particular types of fires such as electrical or chemical fires. It makes them almost as specialized superheroes aimed at certain fire hazards.
  • Safety: It prevents people and buildings from catching fire. They assist the firefighters in extinguishing the fire before it reaches far.
  • Quick Access: The position of fire hydrants is carefully chosen so that firefighters can reach them quickly. This helps in saving time during emergencies.
  • Rules: In a number of areas, there is a law to install in specific locations. This ensures that there is always a fire hydrant nearest in case of fire.
  • Insurance: Having it close to your home or business can sometimes lower your insurance costs.
Why Should You Choose Our Fire Hydrant Services

Why Should You Choose Our Fire Hydrant Services?

You may think why should you choose us? Well, we keep your satisfaction our first priority. We are different from others because of so many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Experience: Being in the industry for a long time, we have knowledge of all the subtleties of fire safety. Rely on us to protect your property.
  • Certified Professionals: We have a team of skilled professionals within our organization who adhere to an excellent level of work.
  • 24/7 Availability: Fires don’t wait for business hours and neither do we. We understand that emergencies can take place suddenly. That is the reason we provide 24/7 services for any urgent needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We value your safety and contentment. We provide top-notch services and promise to exceed your expectations. We won’t let loose until you are totally satisfied.

Key Client Details Needed & Their Importance

For Fire Hydrant Solutions

Our fire hydrant services provide you with a reliable and efficient fire-fighting system. To deliver an effective  solution that aligns with your needs, we require the following information:

  • Fire Hydrant Drawing/Survey/BOQ: To understand the layout and requirements of your premises.
  • Tank Placement (Upward/Downward): To determine the ideal location for the water supply.
  • Length of Pipes: To calculate the necessary amount of piping.
  • Specified Location Required: To identify where the hydrant system should be installed.
  • Standard Required (UL/FM/Non UL/FM): To adhere to the quality and safety standards that meet your requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Solutions

We also provide bespoke fire extinguisher solutions to suit the specific needs of different rooms on your premises and for that, we need the following details from you:

  • Room Size & Purpose: Whether it’s an electrical panel room, dry store area, kitchen, server room, or any other space, we need to understand the purpose of the room and its size to recommend the most suitable fire extinguisher.
  • Mounting Needed (Hanging/Box Enclosed): Depending on your preference and safety regulations, we can provide either hanging fire extinguishers or those enclosed in a box.


A fire hydrant is similar to a street water supply used by fire-fighters during emergencies; they open it to fetch water quickly and distinguish fire.

A fire hydrant is like a street water tap for firefighters to get water quickly, and a fire extinguisher is a handheld gadget that sprays stuff to stop small fires.

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