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Fire Suppression Systems to Protect Your Property

As fire is a major threat to any property. This is why it’s necessary to have an effective fire suppression system. Green Tech Solutions provides a wide range of services to cater to the safety requirements of any business or home.


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Fire Suppression System: Trusted Brands We Partner With

At Green Tech Solutions, we value quality and reliability. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading brands like ABB and PEMALL to provide the best fire safety solutions.

Features of Our Affiliate Brands

Features of Our Affiliate Brands For Fire Suppression


Pemall USA


Variety of fire suppression systems and services

Specialize in Clean Agent systems

Product Variety

  • AKRONEX 227
  • AKRONEX 1230
  • Akronex ICAF
  • AKRONEX Inert
  • AKRONEX Kitchen, and more. 
  • Also provides fire alarm systems and leakage tests.
  • Clean Agents (Pemall HFC-227ea Agent and Pemall FK-5-1-12 Agent), 
  • Fire Suppression Systems (Pemall 227™ System and PEMALL 5112™ System)
  •  Releasing System Devices (Detection & Control, Pemall Thermal-Flex™, and Audio-Visual Alarms)

Best suited for

Data Centers, IT & Telecommunications Energy Sector
Utilities Industries
Local & Central Government
Healthcare Industry
Manufacturing Sector
Warehouses & Distribution Areas
and Oil, Gas, and Hydrocarbons Industry

Data Centers, IT & Telecommunications Energy Sector
Utilities Industries
Local & Central Government
Healthcare Industry
Manufacturing Sector
Warehouses & Distribution Areas
and Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbons Industry

We believe in providing nothing but the best for our clients, and these partnerships allow us to do just that.


Why Fire Suppression System is Essential?

Fire suppression systems are essential for:

  • Saving lives by controlling fires.
  • Protecting property and assets.
  • Ensuring business continuity.
  • Meeting insurance requirements.
  • Complying with legal mandates.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Safeguarding data in places like data centers.
  • Preventing fires from happening.

Our Specialization

We specialize in a variety of fire suppression systems including:

General Fire Suppression System

  • Commercial Buildings: Offices, showrooms, and shopping centers. To protect their properties and people, they should have dependable fire protection systems.
  • Residential Properties: Property owners and landlords who are interested in guaranteeing the safety of their properties and inhabitants.
  • Industrial Facilities: Factories, warehouses, and plants handle hazardous materials and thus need heavy-duty fire protection systems.
  • Healthcare Facilities: A fire suspension system is necessary for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to provide safety for the patient and the staff.
  • Educational Institutions: Students, staff, and property of schools, colleges, and universities need protection.
  • Government Buildings: These systems are needed in public buildings such as libraries, courthouses, and municipal buildings for public safety.
  • Transportation Sector: Fire safety measures are also needed in airports, train stations and bus terminals.
  • Data Centers: They require fire suppression systems for their servers and key data to avoid loss from a fire.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression  System

  • Restaurant Kitchen: Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems are necessary for restaurant kitchens to control & prevent fires that can occur during the cooking process.
  • All types of kitchen: Whether in a hotel commercial kitchen, catering service, or industrial food manufacturing facility, kitchen hood fire protection systems provide a versatile solution to address the fire risks inherent in cooking and food preparation.

Our Unique Selling Points

Choosing us means choosing top-notch safety without the stress. We’ve got the best ways to keep you safe, and we’re always here for you. It just makes sense – trust us to take care of what matters most: your peace of mind. We are unique because:

  • Many Ways to Keep You Safe: We have several fire protection methods, like water, FM 200, CO2, and other types – so you may choose what will be the most convenient for you.
  • We Take Care of Everything: We do not just sell the systems, we install them, service them regularly, and ensure that they are functioning all the time to keep you safe.
  • Good Protection at a Fair Price: Safety does not have to cost much. Our rates are reasonable, providing you with the coverage you require but not draining your pocket.
  • We’re Always Here for You: We are concerned for you, not for your safety only. We strive to provide our customers with happiness and satisfaction.

Key Client Details Needed & Their Importance

Before we start making things just right for you, we need some important info to make sure our plan fits you perfectly.

  • Drawings/Design/BOQ/Survey: We should learn your area better so that we can develop a perfect safety plan for you.
  • Type of Detection (Smoke/Heat): Recognizing how quickly to distinguish a fire at your place helps us react promptly and protect you.
  • Agent Required (Novec 1230/FM 200): Selecting the right way to extinguish a fire, ensures your safety using the most efficient way.
  • Integration Required (With Fire Alarm Main Panel/HVAC System): The integration of our safety plan with your current alarms and air systems provides you with complete safety.
  • Room Detailing (Ceiling Height/False Ceiling Height/Raised Floor Height): Personalizing the safety plan for each room, such as regarding the room’s ceiling height, false ceiling, or raised floor, maximizes the safety plan’s effectiveness.
  • Numbers of Appliance Stove/Burner/Fryer/Charcoal Required: Knowing the cooking equipment that you have will enable us to develop a safety plan specifically tailored to your kitchen.
  • Number of Exhaust Duct Opening Required: Kitchen ventilation requirements determine a safety program that keeps air pure in a fire.
  • Manual Activation Required: Do you want a fire button to grant you the opportunity to have control and peace?
  • Survey/Drawing Required: Coming to your place and drawing precise diagrams is our way to guarantee that our safety plan will be inserted right into your kitchen, to save you.


Water based suppression system is the most common fire suppression system.

A fire suppression system consists of several protective components including detectors, alarm, and extinguishing agent. This system uses the chemical, foam, and other gasses as an agent to extinguish.

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